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Roofing   Precision #1 are experts in stone veneer. Whether you own a private home, a commercial property, a condo, or even a multi-family residence, we will recommend the
best solution to fit your needs and your budget.

We offer all types of stone veneer:

  • Bluffstone
  • Castle Stone
  • CostalReef
  • Country Rubble
  • Granite
  • Ledge Quartz
  • Limestone
  • Mountain Ledge
  • River Rock
  • Shadow Rock
  • Weather Edge


Stone Veneer
AtumnWood Collection
  • Bluffstone is a soft-edged ledge stone that is narrow in height.
  • Available in two pallets.
  • Size range from 7"x21"x3".
Cedar Peaks
Castle Stone
  • Castle STone recalls has the formality of legendary European precision cut stones.
  • Available in two color pallets.
  • Size average 8"x10".
Cedar Peaks
Costal Reef
  • Simulating the ocean-worn accents of coral, CostalReef is a precision cut stone.
  • Available in two pallets.
  • Available in lengths or 4" to 16" and heights of 4" to 12".
Country Rubble
  • Like Eldorado's Nationwide Country Rubble, this is a rough-faced stone of all shapes and sizes.
  • Available in four pallets several colors.
  • These stone's range from 2" to 18" high and 4" to 18" long.


Cedar Peaks
  • Eldorado's Granite is an oval-shaped, flatter-faced stone.
  • Available in two palettes several colors.
  • Size range from 4" to 21" with an average size of 8".
Ledge Quartz
  • Ledge quartz is a casual mosaic of irregularly shaped stones.
  • Available in two palettes several colors.
  • Average size of 8" by 12"
Cedar Peaks
  • Eldorado's Eastern Limestone evokes the timeless appeal and traditional formality of a tailored stone.
  • Available in two palettes several colors.
  • Ranges from 2" to 10" height and 4" to 17" long.
Mountain Ledge
  • The contemporary look, warmth and texture of Eldorado's Mountain Ledge series.
  • Available in six versatile earthen tone pallets.
  • height from 1" to 4" and length 4" to 18".


Cedar Peaks
River Rock
  • Eldorado's Eastern Region River Rock captures the characteristic shapes and distinct river-worn textures of stones indigenous to the riverbeds of the eastern US.
  • Various range of colors.
  • Sized up to 18".
Shadow Rock
  • Shadow Rock is the stone of choice for creative expression and masonry craftsmanship.
  • Three color palettes.
  • Sizes range from 2" to 10" in height and 5" to 24 in length.


Cedar Peaks
Weather Edge
  • Weather Edge is a ledge stone that is larger in scale.
  • Available in two palettes several colors.
  • Sizes from 1.25" to 7" in height and from 4" to 22" in length.


Owens Corning
Owens Corning is a world leader in building materials systems and composite solutions. A Fortune 500 company for more than 50 years, Owens Corning's people redefine what is possible each day to deliver high-quality products and services ranging from insulation, roofing, siding and manufactured stone veneer, to glass composite materials used in transportation, electronic, telecommunications and other high-performance applications.

Highest quality. Most recognized. Most used. Whatever the category, Cultured Stone® Stone Veneer and Brick Veneer dominates.
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10 Year Warranty

We at Precision #1 Contractor would like to make your new Siding decision the right one by putting your mind at ease and offering the following:

  • Full ten year warranty that is backed by the manufacture and only offered to Authorized Installers.
  • Pride in our quality workmanship.
  • Working in a careful manner to protect all shrubs and flower beds.
  • Completing a job in a timely manner and to contractual specifications.
  • Providing a Toll-Free Phone 1-800-289-5324 so we can respond to any questions you may have concerning the work we have performed.
  • Giving the homeowner a firm figure, the only time a price adjustment may be needed is in the event we uncover badly deteriorated wood that must be replaced.
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